Marvin Nichols Reservoir

As these headlines demonstrate, widespread rationing mandates and increased food costs are becoming the norm in Texas. However, this is just the beginning if we are not able to develop additional water resources. This is a critically important issue, as many cities in our region have experienced a steady decline over the past few decades.
Due to the prolonged droughts and significant population growth, the predicament we face in the Northeast Texas region is not whether we need to develop new water resources, but when and how to best go about it. Will we do it right? Will we do it in time? Will decisions be forced upon us by the more densely populated metropolitan areas, or will we be a part of the planning process? These are all important questions for our region, which is why our coalition has been working with stakeholders in the community to ensure that any proposal – including the proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir – serves the best interests of local citizens, landowners and industry while also serving the greater needs of the State of Texas. Join us in supporting responsible water development.